Hi, I’m Dr. Martha Ha!

I was born in Chicago, but raised in Mexico, California and the Midwest. I studied at the University of Iowa for my bachelors degree then moved back out to California to complete my dental degree at the University of Southern California (Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry). 

Outside of the office, I’m passionate about living an active lifestyle, which is what drew me to Denver. I love hiking and biking, and hope to improve my skiing in the next few seasons.

To ‘fuel’ all that outdoor activity, I try to eat anything delicious that I can get my hands on! I love trying new restaurants and consider myself an avid foodie and a pepperoni pizza connoisseur. Suggestions on places to hike or eat are wholeheartedly welcome, if not actively encouraged!

I enjoy spending time with family, friends and especially my adorable French bulldog Toki. I’m also a firm believer in being an engaged and committed community member, be it locally or globally. Therefore, I volunteer my time to Dental Care for Children for which I fly to remote and underserved regions of Mexico and Haiti to fix the smiles of those who need it most.

My practice philosophy is to get to know my patients and educate them on all aspects of dental care, all while ensuring their comfort and keeping an open ear and mind.