About Clear Dental Studio

Clear Dental Studio is a modern, state-of-the-art cosmetic dentist located in Broomfield, Colorado. We service residents of Broomfield, Superior, Louisville, the Boulder area, Denver and beyond.

Our dentist, Dr. Martha Ha, is trained in all aspects of cosmetic, general and sedation dentistry. If you live in the Broomfield area and are in need of any other dental services, turn to Clear Dental Studio. Dr. Ha and her team of dental specialists are known for performing exceptional dental work for the residents of Broomfield and beyond and can do the same for you!  Whether you need cosmetic, restorative, preventative, or surgery-oriented dental services, the choice is Clear. Call now or book online to schedule an appointment at our office in Broomfield. 

Clear Dental Studio Entrance Photo

Our Values

Every person and every smile is different. To realize your unique goals, we practice the three C’s to provide sustainable and visible results.

Clear Care

We only provide the utmost in quality care. This means treating you as an individual, ensuring your comfort, and remaining compassionate to your needs.

Clear Communication

We are here to truly listen to what you have to say without any preconceived notions or judgment.

Clear Consistency

We consider you part of our family, and family means treating you well not just the first time, but every time.

How We Work

Clear Dental Studio’s focus is to provide our Broomfield office’s patients with quality, individual and transparent healthcare that that they can always trust. We aim to build strong and long-lasting partnerships, and together create a foundation of health knowledge and behaviors that will last for a lifetime.

We know being healthy makes you feel good, and feeling good is transformative—just like a smile. Our passion is our patients and nothing short of excellence will do to ensure that you live your best and healthiest lives.

To ensure your superior care

Our dentist and dental staff remain trained on the cutting edge of dentistry and quality care through continuing education courses and routine performance evaluations.

Our approach to dental care is personal. You’re not a number with us. We believe in comprehensive care, which includes individualized treatment plans that consider the latest technologies and clinical guidelines.

Our actions reflect our integrity. We want the best for you, and that means educating and recommending what you need. This means keeping an open mind, staying up to date with the newest treatments and assessing their effectiveness.