Dental Bone Graft & Membrane

What is a dental bone graft and membrane?

A dental bone graft is a minor surgical procedure performed to: regrow healthy bone, fill the space where the tooth once was and to prevent any destruction of healthy bone surrounding the other teeth. This procedure is commonly completed to save healthy teeth when an extraction of a tooth has taken place, or when placing a dental implant. Often times a collagen membrane is placed along with it. A membrane is used as a barrier or blanket that holds the bone particles together so it can regenerate properly.

Where do they come from?

Bone materials come in variety of forms such as powder, putty and granules. The bone can be taken from yourself, or be synthetic. However, most commonly, the bone particles are from lab tested and sterilized human and/or animal donors.


Typically, bone grafts and membranes are recommended for the following:

Indications of a bone graft and membrane

By completing a comprehensive periodontal exam your hygienist and/or doctor can determine your periodontal health and detect any active gum disease. If required, they will recommend a protocol that best fits your individualized needs.